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‘Young learners’ A term invented by the TEFL muppets

When I did my TEFl or CELTA or TESOL or whatever it’s called, I wasn’t popular with my tutors. I was one of those annoying teachers who’d already taught and was just doing the course for the qualification and spent most of the four weeks questioning what was being taught. Not because I was intrinsically disruptive, it’s just I thought what they were saying was a load of nonsense.

No more was the nonsense more freefloating than when we were told we couldn’t call kids ‘kids,’ or ‘children,’ we had to call them ‘young learners.’ Really, every time you said ‘the child’ they’d say ‘the young learner,’ and you’d say ‘the child,’ and they’d say ‘the young learner,’ and then you’d say ‘the young learner,’ cos you didn’t want to fail the course.

What will they say next? I can't call my kid a 'kid', I have to call him a young human!!!

Anyway, the thing about TEFL nerds is their outdated 70s style political correctness. They think that somehow they’re being really right on and progressive and doing something good for society by calling kids ‘young learner,’ (personally I think they should get off their fat arses and go do some voluntary work or something and do some real good) but the fact is they’re not being right on they’re being bloody ageist. Why? Because if kids are young learners, by definition that makes students of thirty plus ‘middle aged learners,’ and the more senior students ‘old students.’ CELTA instructors – A kid is a kid. What am I supposed to call my own kid? A Young human?

Anyway, bye bye everyone, and don’t forget … love the children, they’re our future. Sorry Candy, didn’t mean to take the mick.

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  • Lynch A.K.A 'The Regulator' January 26, 2010, 7:08 am

    mate, the only TEFL muppet in language teaching is you. Clearly a uniform term is needed and child student doesn’t cut it…. duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Love you Slack boy)

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