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TEFL Conversation topics: free manual

Lynch is an extraordinarily boring man (by his own admission). He’s just spent a month writing a book of 1000 conversation questions. Although the task was quite boring, however, the conversation topics aren’t, and the result can make your classes and life more interesting with this free conversation manual.

We’ve decided to divide it up and give it away in a ten page booklet each season. It’s full of interesting conversation questions which are great for debating societies, TEFl / ESL classes, and philosophy groups. With cool questions topics from celebrity nonsense to hign ground political and social questions, there’s something here for everybody.

Dudes the world over are chatting with the free I-Ling conversation manual

Apparently I inspired him. He first decided to write a book of TEFL conversation topics when he heard my comments about how I found myself always asking students the same questions… “how was your weekend? how’s your job? etc… etc…” as well as being boring I felt I really wasn’t getting to know them, and getting to know your students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching.

Well, Lynch seems to have solved that problem now and has started some raging debates in my classes. Download the manual here and enjoy….

tefl conversation topics

Let me know if it works for you…

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