Hi, my name’s Barbara and next year I’m going to have a lot of plastic surgery. This is gonna* be easy for me because I live beside a clinic.

The first operation I’m going to have is between my fingers. My fingers are too close together and I want the space to be bigger. After that I’ll definitely feel better about myself but then I’m going to have another operation for the worse problem of all: my head. My head is too big; I want a small head and the doctor says he can do it. I’ll go from basketball head to tennis ball head he assures me. My next priority after that will be my hands and feet. I want more proportion between the two. Unfortunately, to do this the doctor says he’ll have to reduce the size of my back which will probably be quite painful.

I think my love of plastic surgery began after the birth of my daughter. After she was born my body was terrible. Everything from my head to my toes looked ugly. A line of fat below my arm started to appear, hairs below my back, my stomach was very big, and my legs were worse.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I did look worse than before. By the end of the summer, however, the operations are going to change everything, and the result will be that every part of my body will be different except my heart. My heart – both my metaphorical and physical – will always be the same.

*going to


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