3: The best summer of my life

The best summer of my life was when I was 16: a summer with Jessica Alba (before she was famous of course.)

The story begins at the end of 1999 just after Jessica started acting classes. Our parents were great friends and the two families decided to go on holiday because the Albas were moving to LA.  At the end of June we took a flight to Hawaii and after a brief visit to Vegas we arrived on the island before sunset.

Before we could unpack our bags, Jessica picked up a beach ball from the balcony and ran downstairs saying she wanted to play a game. Although I didn’t know which game, I knew it was a game I was going to enjoy.

As soon as we were on the beach, Jessica pulled a beer out of her bag and passed it to me.

“I’m very happy because we’re finally alone,” she said.

“Erm…I’m very happy too. We’re going to enjoy this holiday a lot.”       

Jessica threw the ball away and took a photo of us with my camera. After that, we finished the beers and Jessica began to walk to the sea.

“Come on, let’s go for a swim. Carry me to the water.”

I did what she asked and carried her to the water.

It was almost the end of the day when Jessica and I began to swim. We were enjoying the experience a lot… and then came the magic moment. Jessica swam up behind me and touched my back. Then she swam in front of me and said, “I’m not playing, Lynch… I know that you are the love of my life.”

I was so happy. I moved to kiss her… and then…

“Jessica,” her mum shouted from the balcony, “you’ve got a call from LA… it’s about the audition.”

Jessica looked at me. “Oh sorry, it’s really important… I’ll come back in a minute.”

The call was from the director of Flipper 2. 10 minutes later, I was carrying her bags to a taxi and she went. It was the beginning of her fame and the end of me and Jessica. Both her and her family went to LA and forgot me and my family. I, however, never forgot her; and I still have the photo of that moment… just before I almost kissed Jessica Alba.

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