1. The compulsive body hair shaver

Apparently, as soon as Tom Cruise wakes up he shaves his whole body. This desire is, say psychologists, the result of an obsession with feeling young. Apparently, the hair on his head is already grey but he can change its color artificially, but because he can’t change the color of his body hair he shaves it.

An ex-girlfriend – who was going out with Tom before Katie Holmes – is now telling the world about his obsession. She says that at first she accepted the fact that when he woke up he went to the bathroom as soon as possible. However, after a while she was angry. As she told our reporter, “Imagine living with someone who sits in the bath for an hour simply to prepare the body hair; then goes to the sink, covers himself in soap, shaves his whole body, then gets in the shower to wash it all off. The bathroom was like a river and very dirty when he finished.”

The end of their relationship came one day when Tom was in the bathroom as usual. He asked her where the soap was and began putting it on his bottom. He then asked her to shave his bottom.
Tom’s ex-girlfriend, April Winters, cries as she talks about the trauma of living with a compulsive body shaver; a trauma for which she is now asking seven million dollars in compensation. April says that Tom’s obsession has left her with a fear of shaving, and her leg, arm and lip hair have grown, and now she can’t work as a model. She says she doesn’t feel needed as a human being.

“When someone asks you for help to shave their bottom, there are consequences.”

Legal experts say that even though she wants seven million she won’t get it. They say, however, that she will get at least one and a half million.

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