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Ingles con la musica – ESL students using movies and music in English

Este articulo se trata del tema ‘cómo aprender inglés con la música’. Recomendamos a cualquier estudiante leyendo este articulo Aprender inglés a través de la música.

This article is about helping students to consume media (songs, movies and series) in English. This is something we know about because we’ve been researching it for the past few months. Which should answer your question –

Where the hell have we been the last few months?

You can help the whole population of your city understand movies and songs in English by being the I-Ling representative in your area and delivering our 2 hour multimedia lecture... it's sexy, incisive and entertaining (oh, yeah, educational too) contact cool@i-ling.org

Basically, we’ve been working our ESL butts off. And it may surprise you to know that we’ve been working on a music and film project. Shock! Horror! Gasp! The sounds of amazement come from those who think of I-Ling as an organisation commited to serious study and vehemently opposed to all concepts of Mickey Mousing around.

Well, we are exacly that, but the inclusion of music in a language training system is anything but Mickey Mousing around. You see, we haven’t been working on a bunch of lyrics – blanking them out and allowing students to fill in the gap – we’ve been working on a detailed, linguistic analysis of film and music, trying to understand why the hell advanced students – despite being advanced – can’t watch movies in original version.

Clearly, we didn’t come up with a magic pill or even a magic method, but we have put together a very helpful book, lecture, and podcast series, on the topic (If you want to deliver our lecture on “English in Popular Culture” in your city, then get in touch.) Below, you’ll find a link to the main site. Amigos, es un sitio super ‘cool’ y ¿Adivina que? ahora camos a dedicarnos a investigar como se puede usar la música para aprender inglés.

We have had some really positive feedback from this product so we urge you to get on board. It’s running in Barcelona, London and Bogta… that leave one hell of a lot of cities.


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