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I-Ling is able to offer its partners a number of technological innovations to
improve both academic and logistical efficiency.

1. Linguamail – allows a school to send regular activities, podcasts and
homework to all its students, as well as newsletters and product
information. While various schools already offer such a service to their
students, Linguamail has genuine academic value. This means that
students find the information contained to be useful and worth receiving.
This is in stark contrast to the thinly veiled Spam of ‘free lessons by e-mail’
or the ‘newsletter’ favoured by language schools today.

2. Cyber-school – is an organisational tool that allows Director of Studies
or language school owners to organise timetables and teacher placement
at the click of a button. Alternatively, the programme can be used to
circumvent the entire process by allowing students access to teacher
availability and to choose classes themselves