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The I-Ling Research Network provides exclusive English courses for students and
clients around the world. These courses are based on a specific need or
existing problem in the world of language learning that has been
identified by our researchers. Our constant drive to create innovative and
customised solutions in ESL takes I-Ling far beyond the general aspiration of
‘learning English’ into a world where common student experiences are
monitored and transformed into courses with a clear academic and
commercial profile.

Because our ESL and TEFL programmes are always based on classroom centred
research, students and Human Resources Managers immediately connect
with I-Ling’s catalogue of courses. Behind the creation of products such as
Future First or Cognitive English, students recognise their own aspirations
and the day to day challenges they face when learning a language.

Exclusive soloutions

Clearly, a catalogue of exclusive courses – each one with its own logo,
advertising campaign and marketing strategy – gives a competitive
advantage to the language school who offers it. Such clear differentiation is a
potent commercial weapon in the competitive ESL marketplace.

However, no amount of graphic design or sales expertise can prevent a hollow product eventually being exposed – especially in the world of education. That’s why the I-ling Research Network takes such pride in its courses; marketing and commercial perspectives are just the finishing touch because we believe there can only be one basis for competitive advantage in the education market: academic excellence.