About I-ling

I-Ling is a research and development organisation that specializes in second language acquisition (SLA). Our primary focus is English as a second language (ESL) and our headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain.

The I-Ling Network

The I-Ling Network is a collective name for those ESL professionals and language schools who actively shape and participate in I-Ling research programmes, and who share our philosophy both academically and socially. The I-ling Network is not a chain of language schools, it is not a TEFL franchise, and it does not consist of affiliate members; it is an academic organization promoting the exchange of ideas, materials and courses.


Our academic philosophy is set out in our forthcoming work Cognitive English by James rokeby. A deconstruction of twenty-first century language teaching, Rokeby’s book reveals a number of critical errors in ESL which sabotage student progress around the world. Rather than suggest a paradigm shift, however, both Rokeby and I-Ling believe that most of these flaws are problems of course planning, as opposed to fundamental errors. In other words, while these problems have very serious consequences, their solution is quite simple.

It is this simplicity that lies at the heart of I-ling’s work. We do not seek to build a sophisticated system for learning languages because we believe that learning a language is largely a question of common sense. I-Ling researchers use this simplicity to moderate the excesses of both behaviourist and mainstream methodologies to create a more rational approach to ESL.


The I-Ling Research Network

There are three ways to become a member of the I-Ling Research Network.

1) Academic: Any Language professional who contributes to I-Ling either
through their academic work, time, feedback or input, can apply for membership
of I-Ling.

2) Commercial: Compatible language schools can join the I-Ling network
providing membership does not contravene any existing contract granting
exclusivity to another school. Membership means the right to sell I-Ling materials,
courses and products (either in the name of I-Ling or the school itself) and the
use of all I-Ling marketing, advertising and IT services.

3) Contributor: I-Ling is not tied down by any one methodology, product or idea.
As mentioned before, our prime raison d’ĂȘtre is to develop the fastest, most cost
efficient means of bringing language students to fluency. If you have an idea or
product you believe facilitates this goal, we urge you to use our channels and
expertise to develop your idea.


We are constantly looking for two types of ESL specialists.

1) Teachers with an intimate knowledge of the ESL market and business
culture in specific geographical zones. Such knowledge, combined with strong
interpersonal skills, would be solid grounds for applying to become an I-Ling
representative for that particular state / country.

2) Writers and pedagogical materials developers with equal amounts of
creative and analytical flair. This means that not only can they demonstrate the
ability to write impressive materials, but the astuteness to recognise and remedy
weaknesses in existing learning systems.

If your professional profile matches either of these descriptions, or you can
convince us that you have the necessary passion and talents to work with I-Ling,
then write to