The School of Yoda

The Officer and a Gentleman was a classic Eighties film starring Richard Gere and Barbara Hershey, which relates the training and transformation of a rough, working class soldier into an officer and a gentleman. Principal architect of this transformation is his drill sergeant, Lois Gosset jnr. who basically kicks the shit out of him for most of the film. While this seems like victimization, however, it is clear in the end that if it hadn’t been for that constant pressure, Richard Gere never would have got through the training and become an officer.
This gripping film demonstrates an age long relationship between master and apprentice, teacher and pupil, which has been a feature of myths and human society since time began. A system of teaching which goes something like this….
Wise and brutal teacher kicks the shit out of ill formed but promising apprentice, in a manner, which could almost be described as cruel. The pupil is made considerably stronger by such treatment, though, comes through it, and in the end transforms resentment of his master into some form of grudging respect, and later… admiration. For the rest of his life – because of the teachings of his master – he is a man of principle and action.
Despite existing for thousands of years, however, this age long educational relationship is now just a feature of history. This is because it is diametrically opposed to the paradigm of teaching in the twenty-first century… which is
The teacher puts no pressure whatsoever on the pupil, introduces all sorts of Mickey Mouse games to make learning fun, never punishes him, (and when he does it’s very mild), and allows the pupil to fully express any objections he has to the training. The result is, that despite the fact its supposed to be more creative, liberal and stimulating, the pupil ends up totally the opposite: uncreative, a little fascist with no respect for his teacher or anyone else, and turns out to be mediocre, weak, and boring.
This turnaround in educational paradigms derives from the greatest conceit of 20th century liberalism…
…that children are somehow inherently good, and as long as they are raised in an environment with no trauma inducing adults who shout and tell them off, children will flourish into beautiful sentient beings with an advanced sense of right and wrong.
This load of fucking nonsense – completely contrary to common sense – must be done away with, because it’s responsible for our decrepit 21st century education system.
Modern children grow up in circumstances in which no one will ever challenge them, push them to their limits, or crush their inherent desire to dominate. And trust me – that is their inherent desire. Yes, there are children who are disposed towards good, and children who are disposed towards bad, but the vast majority lean towards bad.
This badness – which Liberals don’t believe exists – manifests itself in the earliest days of infant consciousness; what we call in English… ‘the terrible twos’. This period – when suddenly your nice baby starts behaving badly is known to be the first serious expression of a child’s personality… and guess what that first expression is: to give hugs and pick flowers? No way, it’s to stick two fingers up at the first authority they encounter: their parents. Any psychologist will tell you that the terrible twos represents the child’s attempt to prove itself as an individual, and it doesn’t do so by working with the homeless like a mini mother Teresa. It does so by kicking and screaming and crying.
The terrible twos showed me which side of the pendulum babies lean towards, and if I wasn’t convinced, I went with my son to the playground. Watch how ‘good’ a toddler is when another toddler takes his toys: he goes ape-shit, because it is not in a toddler’s nature to share. And why do they cry when they don’t get their own way? because they simply can’t accept the frustration of their own desires. Infants never forget the experience of the cot: when they cried, and mummy came running – when the world just consisted of themselves and their satisfied needs. The next few years, are an attempt by the child to continue with this situation. And if you don’t make the child understand that they can’t always get what they want, that it’s a world full of other individuals, not just them, you have a spoilt child. Essentially, with the mentality of a cot baby.
Now, liberals have to concede this early leaning towards negative behaviour – because it’s been empirically observed in almost all children. But the difference comes in their remedy; the Liberals believe that all those negative behavioral habits will go if you put them in a very positive environment where they can express their rage and have rules explained to them at length, and live under a Disneyland regime of painting and sunshine. This is absolute bullshit: to exorcise the inherent selfishness of a child requires vigorous training, clear boundaries, and consistent shows of strength and moral superiority on the part of his educators. Whether we are Disneyland regime with children, recruits, or apprentices, they come to the system in an imperfect state, and it is the object of the educator to train them. Educators must destroy the young person’s selfishness and egomania and align their consciousness with that of the community. This is what is necessary for the nurturing of a well adapted, pleasant human being.
So, it’s time my friends, to return to the model of education that has existed since time began. We must empower teachers and allow them to become masters of the classroom. The twentieth century is over… we live in a hard world in hard times… we must raise our children to survive. Most of all, though, we must raise them to be strong, beautiful, sentient beings; but they will only be so… if they are trained in the path of respect, discipline and honour.

Kicks the shit of: to give a violent beating to. Dar una paliza. To kick and punch someone.
Feature: a characteristic. When used as a verb it means ‘to show’ or ‘exhibit’ or ‘explain’. For example… In this week’s podcast we feature the present perfect.
Gripping: really fascinating.
Tell them off: what parents do to their children when they’re bad or naughty. A verbal assault. Regañar, reñir.
Inducing: something that causes or brings. For example… The ride in the attraction park was truly vomit inducing.
Load of: a lot of.
Done away with: to finish with, to kill, to remove, to dehacerse de.
Inherent: intrinsic.
Lean towards: to be closer to one thing instead of another. For example… most of the republican politicians lean towards conservatism.
Consciousness: awareness
‘the terrible twos’: a period in infant development that usually begins at two years old. Suddenly many children become defiant and disobedient.
To stick two fingers up at: to defy authority, to break the rules.
Goes ape-shit: to get very angry. Enfadarse mucho.
Don’t get their own way: to get your own way is to get what you want.
Cot: where babys sleep.
Attempt: to try. An effort. Intento.
Spoilt child: a rude child who has a very bad temper (mal genio) always gets what they wants and goes crazy when they don’t get what they want.
Disneyland regime: Disney and Mickey mouse are used in English to denote anything which the speaker does not consider serious.
Nurturing: fostering, bringing up. For example… most foxes nurture their young in a small hole.
Empower: to give power and independence to.

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